My child is a narcissist

It is not always explainable why a child becomes a narcissist, especially when the two biological parents appear loving and compassionate. Parents of a narcissistic child or young adult need mountains of support to assert boundaries with their toxic child who can, and will, bully them and their siblings, making life unbearable in the home for everyone. Asserting boundaries, or implementing ‘tough love’ with your abusive child can be extremely difficult, especially when that child threatens to banish you from their life, or the lives of your grandchildren if you do not give into their demands.

One of your children is more likely to become a narcissist, when one, or both of their parents are narcissistic.  The narcissist will assign the role of golden child to the child who will shine the most positive light on the narcissist’s persona and it is THIS child that is more likely to inherit and absorb the narcissism. Much of the time, this will be the child who is most similar to the narcissist, an extension of themselves if you will, or it may be the most talented child who will provide ongoing admiration and accolades to the narcissist from outsiders. The golden child will be groomed and conditioned to need the praise they receive from the narcissistic parent, to function, and will likely do whatever is asked of them by that parent to avoid a fall from grace. The dynamics of their role will include helping to punish the scapegoat child, the sibling who questions the status quo in the family, and is probably least similar to the narcissist.

Nova will support parents to understand the dynamics of the narcissistic child’s capacity to manipulate, and help parents to implement boundaries that will protect them.