My name is Nova Gibson, and I am the Director and Founder of Brighter Outlook – Narcissistic Abuse Counselling Service, where I am the Primary Counsellor.

My clients regularly tell me of their relief at finally finding someone who ‘gets it’. I am the go-to Counsellour/expert on narcissistic abuse recovery in Australia to the extent that clinical psychologists, social workers, medical doctors and even psychiatrists, who are themselves struggling with their own inability to leave an abusive relationship, often come to me for help, becoming regular clients. In the last 10 years I have supported over 3,000 individual clients who believe they were abused by an undiagnosed narcissist to leave their relationships, heal once their relationships have ended and lead happy and fulfilled lives without their abuser. This type of abuse can happen to anyone, and a mental health professional is not immune to the insidious trauma bond that takes place in these appalling situations.

When patients first come to my office seeking support, they are anxious, confused, and in desperate need of someone to validate the trauma they have experienced.  Many of them have already been to see other therapists who lack knowledge of, and insight into, the insidious dynamic of this type of covert psychological abuse. The majority of them have already started to research the ‘issues’ in their relationship, and they’ve hit upon the term ‘narcissist’. And so begins their journey to rediscovering their identity, their joy and their purpose.

Prior to opening my practice in 2012, I gained extensive experience working in child safety in the government sector, and with individuals, couples and families experiencing crisis and trauma. I have also held various training and teaching roles throughout my professional life in community services and counselling at diploma level. I have a Bachelor of Social Science in Behavioural Science and Counselling, and at the time of writing, I am studying for my Bachelor of Social Work which I chose to undertake alongside my work as a counsellor so I could better identify abusive relationships. I am due to graduate in 2023. My clients have ranged from abused children and troubled teenagers, to men and women struggling with depression and inner conflict.

I bring both the knowledge I’ve gained from extensive research on the subject of narcissistic abuse, as well as my personal experience and understanding of the same, to my counselling sessions and believe that I am the only counsellor in Brisbane who specialises in narcissistic abuse recovery.

As well as providing one on one professional support, I also regularly conduct livestream narcissistic abuse Q&A sessions to my 137,000-strong following on Facebook, where I provide daily information and support for victims of narcissistic abuse and coercive control. This also provides a platform where victims and survivors can speak to, and gain support from fellow survivors.

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I also do regular livestream narcissistic abuse recovery Q&As to my 95,000-strong following on Instagram, where I also provide daily information and support to victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse and coercive control.

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My informative videos around narcissistic abuse recovery can also be found on our Tik Tok channel.

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Working with victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse is not only my area of expertise, it is also my passion. I am passionate about helping victims to understand their abuse, find a way to break the toxic cycle that keeps them going back, and to heal. I would love to be able to support YOU to heal, and thrive after narcissistic abuse.