Narcissistic abuse

counselling service

Narcissistic abuse

counselling service


Are you a victim of coercive control, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, verbal abuse and other threatening behaviours involving intimidation and belittling insults? If so, chances are that you have been in a toxic relationship with someone who has narcissistic personality disorder.

Legislation has just been passed in Australia, making Coercive control a criminal offence and recognised as a dangerous form of domestic violence and domestic abuse.

In the thousands of clients i have supported, I have never heard of one reverting back to the person who engaged in lovebombing you, for good. Staying in the abusive relationship because you think the narcissist will change, keeps you connected to your abuser through powerful trauma bonding.

The abuse meted out by the narcissist is defined specifically as narcissistic abuse. Other abusive strategies that are typical in narcissistic abuse are gaslighting, blameshifting, and word salad. Will the narcissist change? No. It is only you who can change your reactions to the person who’s narcissistic behaviour is destroying you. You job is not to learn to tolerate the abuse. Your job is to leave that abusive environment and heal. My name is Nova. I am here to support you in your narcissistic abuse recovery, to help you escape the never ending cycle of lovebombing, devaluation, discard, to help you escape the entrapment of domestic violence, and heal.

Please reach out for professional one on one counselling. Brighter Outlook Narcissistic Abuse Counselling Service is situated on the north side of Brisbane, Queensland, but I provide online Counselling to people worldwide. There is light and love after narcissistic abuse, and I am passionate about helping you to find it.

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Fake Love – Available Now

The love of a narcissist is fake. It’s a soul-destroying realisation for every victim of narcissistic abuse, but even more damaging is finding yourself trapped and abused by the person who claims they love you.

Nova Gibson has helped thousands of people in their struggle to understand, extricate themselves and heal from toxic relationships and narcissistic abuse. Drawing on the expertise gained from a decade of working with clients and her global online community, Nova offers comfort, knowledge and powerful strategies to help you identify, navigate and survive this extremely covert, confusing – and dangerous – form of abuse.

In this life-changing book, Nova brings unparalleled insight into the lived experience of victims and helps identify the behaviours of narcissistic abusers, such as coercive control and gaslighting, pathological lying, the love bomb-devalue-discard cycle, hoovering, smear campaigns and many, many more. She also helps you understand covert and overt narcissism, and explores in depth the concept of trauma bonding, which creates a powerful connection with your abuser and explains why and how you’re compelled to stay, even when the abuse is impossible to ignore.

In this deeply compassionate book, Nova offers hope, support and concise, practical strategies to break the toxic cycle, extricate and protect yourself … and most importantly, heal.

Harper Collins

Fake Love. Clear, concise and empowering self-help about navigating and healing from narcissistic abuse by Australia's go-to specialist counsellor

PTSD Counselling

It is extremely common for victims of narcissistic abuse and other forms of domestic violence, to develop symptoms of ptsd and cptsd (complex/ post traumatic stress disorder). As a result of their ongoing trauma where their sanity and perhaps physical safety were compromised, victims are left with the aftermath of dealing with their body’s response to triggers that remind them of their trauma.

Ptsd symptoms may be triggered by something as simple as a smell that reminds a victim of their abuser’s perfume/colgne, which send them spiralling into a crippling attack of anxiety or a full blown panic attack.

It may be the victim now fears driving because of the roadrage their abuser engaged in, or they fear going places that remind them of their abuser and they begin to self isolate. It may be even a feeling whilst watching a movie that can take a victim back to the trauma zone with the narcissist. Toxic relationships, that are based on power and control by the dominant abuser, mean victims are continually in survival mode, or a constant state of fight or flight.

Victims must now be able to live without the coping mechanisms, or hypervigilance to danger, that enabled them to survive their abuse. Other common post traumatic stress disorder symptoms include cognitive impairment, memory loss, unexplained physical ailments, irrational fears, and numerous others that are personal to the victim and their trauma.

Nova supports victims to process the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, by identifying triggers, and supporting victims to sever the traumatic associations between their abuse/abuser, and their current trauma free life.

Trauma Informed Therapist

As a trauma informed therapist, Nova is able to support her clients in their narcissistic abuse recovery by addressing the connection between the victim’s trauma, and their emotional and psychological well-being. A common symptom of narcissistic abuse is complex post-traumatic stress disorder (cptsd), and it is often difficult for victims to understand why they are triggered by seemingly innocuous situations, that produce debilitating fear and anxiety responses such as flashbacks to the victim’s trauma with their abuser.

With narcissistic abuse trauma therapy, Nova supports the victim to understand these triggers, and assists the victim to process the emotions associated with the triggers. The end goal of trauma abuse therapy is to enable the victim to manage the thoughts and feelings associated with the traumatic events so they no longer have the dramatically negative impact on the victim’s ability to live and thrive.

As a narcissistic abuse recovery therapist, Nova is able to support clients to understand their emotions as they relate to specific events, as well as the covert, ongoing and protracted abuse. This type of trauma therapy allows clients to feel heard and understood, as they are not receiving unhelpful, generalised trauma focused therapy that encompasses a one size fits all approach.

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Expert knowledge and support is provided in the following:

  • Narcissistic Abuse Victim Syndrome
  • The cycle of lovebombing, devaluation, discard, and hoovering
  • Divorcing a narcissist
  • Why did I stay? Trauma bonding explained
  • Am I the narcissist?
  • Flying Monkeys
  • The Smear Campaign
  • Co-parenting with a narcissist
  • Scapegoat/Golden child syndrome
  • Adult children of narcissists
  • My child is a narcissist
  • Healing from narcissistic abuse

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Nova is often invited by the media to discuss narcissistic abuse and coercive control and how it impacts the lives of domestic violence victims. Nova is available to speak at conferences, corporate events, and community organisations to shed light on the impact that narcissistic abuse has on individuals and their families.

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