Divorcing a narcissist

Divorcing a narcissist within a system that does not understand the nuances of narcissistic abuse can be harrowing for victims. The narcissist uses the divorce process to extend the domestic violence and punish their victim for not worshipping them anymore. They will want to take and/or destroy that which means the most to them. They will ask for full custody of the children, not because they want them, but because it will hurt the victim.

The narcissist puts a great deal of work into getting their victim to act “crazy” on demand, and they will use their day in court to prove this to others. The narcissist is an actor and a chameleon, who will look at their surroundings and put on the performance of their life. They have an audience! There will be lawyers, barristers, social workers and the like, all who will hopefully believe the oscar winning performance the narcissist will engage in.

Divorcing a narcissist is war. They will take precise aim at their victim’s credibility, their emotions and their capacity to ever be independent and happy. You need to prepare, and you need to get as strong as you can because you are going up against an enemy who knows every intimate detail about you, and is hell bent on destroying you. Never underestimate the narcissists desire and ability to stoop to unthinkable levels to punish you.

Nova supports victims of narcissistic abuser with clear, practical strategies to help protect themselves as they move through the court process with their abuser, so they and their children come out as unscathed as possible.